The Tenacious Trophy

 A New Perpetual Trophy For Those Who Love To Race


In 2024, NBYA, in conjunction with The Nature Conservancy,  introduced a new annual competition.  The goal is to provide an incentive for you to participate in more events.  Entry is free with your NBYA Senior membership.  The rules are simple. You get a point for every race date that you start.  You get two points for any race over 50 miles and three points for any race over 300 miles that you start.  Report your participation to NBYA when asked.  At the end of the season, the member who demonstrates that they are suffering from the worst case of racing too often, takes home this awesome perpetual trophy made by GMT Composites in celebration of The Nature Conservancy’s mission to protect our lands and waters..  The notice of race for this event and a link to senior membership are below.


Notice of Race