CJ Buckley Scholarship

2024 Applications are now being accepted! The deadline is 4/30/24

The CJ Buckley Regatta and Sailing Scholarship Fund was established in 2003 to celebrate and honor the life of CJ Buckley, a passionate GBSA sailor and team racer, who lost his battle with brain cancer in 2002.  The regatta has grown to become one of the largest youth team race competitions in the world.  It has served as the Club 420 Association’s National Junior Team Race Championship since 2009. The Greenwich Bay Sailing Association (GBSA) and the East Greenwich Yacht Club (EGYC) have hosted the regatta and the scholarship has continued to support the development of dedicated young sailors on Narragansett Bay.

CJ Buckley Scholarship:

The CJ Buckley Sailing Scholarship is granted to students who show passion, promise and commitment to the sport of sailing.  The scholarship is merit and need based.  It is intended to be a perpetual award – designed to support the student throughout his/her enrollment in a junior sailing program that is a member of the Narragansett Bay Yachting Association (NBYA).  The CJ Scholarship Fund is supported entirely by net proceeds from the CJ Regatta and generous contributions from donors and sponsors.

CJ Buckley Sailing Scholarship Guidelines

CJ Buckley Sailing Scholarship Application

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