NBYA Champion of Champion's Regatta 11 Sep 2010

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NBYA Champion of Champion's Regatta 11 Sep 2010

Postby Rhapsody » November 11th, 2009, 8:33 pm

The Champion of Champion's Regatta Returns! Save September 11th 2010 for a day of great racing
Registration Link
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NOR: Champion of Champion's Regatta 11 Sep 2010

Postby Rhapsody » November 11th, 2009, 8:34 pm

NOR is posted below and can be downloaded in Word format for printing using this link
2010 Champion of Champions NOR.doc
NOR Posted 19 Jan 2010
(44 KiB) Downloaded 702 times

2010 Champion of Champions Regatta
Saturday September 11, 2010


1. Eligibility
In order for a Yacht Club or Sailing Association’s boats to be included and eligible, member organizations must submit their summer series standings to NBYA, with the name, address, telephone number, classes participated in (spinnaker and non-spinnaker) and PHRF-NB rating used by each of the top five (5) finishers in each class. NBYA will then contact and invite in the order of finish, first (1st) to fifth (5th), until as many as three boats slots are filled, by club, by class. There is no NBYA or Club /Association membership requirement. This is a mono-hull event is open to all entries with PHRF-NB ratings in a recognized summer series.
In addition, the top three finishers of each class for the NBYA Top Gun Regatta will qualify.

2. Rules
This regatta will be governed by the rules as defined in 2009-2012 The Racing Rules of Sailing.

Additional documents that govern the regatta are;
Completed online entry form
Completed online boat waiver (acknowledged in submission of entry form)
2010 PHRF-NB rating certificate

3. Entry and Entry Fee
Invited and eligible boats may enter by completing the entry form on-line at http://nbya.org/shop/category.aspx?catid=5 to be received by NBYA no later than noon September 9th, 2010.with the entry fee of Thirty ($30.00) per boat. There is a five ($5.00) dollar discount for current members of US Sailing. NBYA reserves the right to accept late entries that meet the original eligibility requirements subject to a $20.00 late fee.

4. Classes and splits

NBYA and the race committee will endeavor to create competitive classes based on the number of entries, boat types and rating bands. Boats are required to shall sail in the same configuration (spinnaker or non-spinnaker) as they qualified at the club or association level. Classes will receive separate starts.

5. Advertising
Advertising is restricted as per ISAF Regulation 20, but boats may be required to display advertising of event sponsors as permitted by Regulation 20.

6. Sailing Instructions
Sailing Instructions, entry list and scratch sheet may be available online at http://nbya.org/phpbb3/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=134 one day prior to the event. Those unable to obtain a copy online may pick up a printed copy at the NBYA office during posted business hours, after the online version is made available.

7. Schedule

Date: Saturday September 11, 2010. 1st signal at 1100 hours

8. Venue, Rendezvous and Course configuration.
Sailing will take place in the vicinity of Half Way Rock as further described in the sailing instructions. Courses may consist of drop-mark or government mark courses. If government marks are utilized, the 2010 South Bay Racing Chart will be utilized. The South Bay Racing Chart is available from Sail Newport, and a listing of marks is available on the NBYA website.

9. Penalty System
The Scoring Penalty, rule 44.3 will apply. Boats are required to provide their own penalty flags.

10. Scoring
PHRF time of distance scoring. The Low Point Scoring System will apply, except that the boats score will be the total of her scores. There is no throw out. This changes rule 90.3

11. Prizes
Prizes will be awarded for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in each class at the NBYA Senior awards banquet

12. Safety
The Sailing Instruction will have safety requirements for all boats racing including the requirement for a VHF radio.

13. Disclaimer of Liability

Competitors participate in the regatta entirely at their own risk. See Rule 4. The Organizing Authority, and host club will not accept any liability for material damage or personal injury or death sustained in conjunction with or prior to, during or after the regatta.

14. For further information
Narragansett Bay Yachting Association
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SI: Champion of Champion's Regatta 11 Sep 2010

Postby Rhapsody » November 11th, 2009, 8:34 pm

2010 Champion of Champions Sailing Instructions
2010 C-o-C SI 09_11_10 v3.doc
for download
(63 KiB) Downloaded 634 times



2010 Champion of Champions 


Saturday September 11, 2010




1              RULES

1.1          The regatta will be governed by the rules as defined in The Racing Rules of Sailing.

1.2          The following additional documents govern the regatta: a completed online Entry Form and Waiver of Liability Form which is acknowledged as part of online entry form submission.

1.3          Protest flags (red flags) code flag ‘B’ are required for all classes.  This changes RRS 61.1(a).


2              COMMUNICATIONS

2.1          All competitors shall monitor VHF Channel 72 for all communication as described in
SI 5 and 12. Failure to hear any RC transmission shall not be grounds for a request for redress by a competitor. This changes RRS 62.1 (Race area shall be the area within 5 miles of the rendezvous location and all marks).



3.1          Notices to competitors will be posted on the official notice board located at the West Bay Yacht Club and for informational purposes only online via the NBYA Forum (in the thread where the race documents are posted).



4.1          Changes to sailing instructions will be posted before 0900 on the day it will take effect, except any change to the schedule of races will be posted by 2000 on the day before it will take effect.


5              SIGNALS MADE ASHORE

5.1          Signals made ashore will be displayed at the WBYC Club flagpole.

5.2          When flag AP is displayed ashore, ‘1 minute’ is replaced with ‘not less than 45 minutes’ in race signal AP. This changes Race Signal AP.


6              SCHEDULE OF RACES

6.1          Three races are scheduled.

6.2          The first warning signal shall be at 1100hrs

6.3          No warning signal will be made after 1600

6.4          Subsequent races will be held as soon as practicable after the end of the previous race.


7              CLASS FLAGS

7.1          The class flags (and order of starts) shall be as follows.

PHRF Spin #1                         Numeral Pennant 1

PHRF Spin #2                         Numeral Pennant 2

PHRF Non Spin #3                 Numeral Pennant 3

PHRF Non-Spin #4                 Numeral Pennant 4

7.2          For all competitors, the class flag “may” be displayed from the back stay, higher than the skipper’s head, when standing at the helm.


8              RACING AREAS

8.1          Rendezvous is in the area of Half Way Rock.


9              THE COURSES

9.1          Courses will be either Windward-Leeward, Triangle, Government marks or distance.

9.2          The diagram in Attachment 1 shows the course configurations for Windward-Leeward and Triangle courses, including the approximate angles between legs.  All marks are to be left to port.

9.3          The following information will be displayed on a board on the RC signal boat:

           the course designation;

           the approximate distance (in nautical miles) from the starting line to mark 1;

           the approximate compass bearing from the starting line to mark 1.

For example:




9.4          Gates and offset marks shall not be used.

9.5          If a distance race is selected for PHRF non-spinnaker, the exact course, using government marks will be displayed.

For example:

            R8 Patience Is.

            Hope Is.



10           MARKS

10.1       For Windward-Leeward and Triangle courses, all turning marks will be orange buoys. 

10.2       For a distance Race, if selected, marks shall be government marks.

10.3       The Starting mark will be an yellow pin mark

10.4       The Finish mark will be a yellow mark.

10.5       New marks, as provided in SI 13, will be orange stripped inflatable marks.


11           THE START

11.1       The starting line will be between the staff from which an ORANGE flag is displayed on the RC Signal Boat and the course side of the starting mark.  The starting line will be on the port side of the signal boat “facing upwind”.

11.2       Order of starts will be at the discretion of the Race Committee and announced before the warning signal.

11.3       The race committee may deploy a “keep off” buoy, temporarily attached to the Signal Boat.  Any deployed “keep off” buoy is defined as a starting mark with the same required side as the “Signal Boat”.

11.4       A boat starting later than 10 minutes after her starting signal will be scored Did Not Start without a hearing. This changes RRS 63.1, A4.1 and A5.


12           RECALLS

12.1       The race committee will hail the sail numbers of OCS boats after the starting signal. Such hails will be made on VHF Channel 72.

12.2       The failure of a boat to hear the hail, the hail of some but not all OCS boats, or the untimely hail of some or all OCS boats shall not be grounds for a request for redress by a competitor. This changes RRS 62.1.



13.1       To change the position of the next mark, the race committee will lay a new mark (or move the finishing line) and remove the original mark as soon as practicable. When in a subsequent change a new mark is replaced, it will be replaced by an original mark.


14           THE FINISH

14.1       The finish line will be between a staff displaying a WHITE flag on a race committee boat and the course side of the finish mark. The finish line will be on the starboard side of the race committee boat (relative to the course axis).


15           PENALTY SYSTEM

15.1       For all classes, the Scoring Penalty of RRS 44.3 will apply.


16           TIME LIMIT

16.1       The time limit for each race shall be 2 hours excluding any distance races which will be 4 hours if any are held.

16.2       All boats finishing more than 30 minutes after the first finisher in its class shall be scored Did Not Finish without a hearing. This changes RRS 35, 63.1, A4.1 and A5.



17.1       Protest forms will be available at the protest desk at the West Bay Yacht Club.

17.2       All protest forms must be submitted no later than 2000 hrs at West Bay Yacht Club or posted in the Forum on the NBYA website not later than 2000 hrs Sept. 11, 2010.

17.3       Requests for scoring review (including OCS) shall be filed within the protest time limit on forms available at the Protest Desk.  Such requests will be reviewed by the Race Committee before being scheduled for hearing by the protest committee.  If unresolved, they shall be considered a Request for Redress and will be considered to have met the protest time limit. This changes RRS 63.1.

17.4       A list of protests will be posted on the official notice board within 60 minutes of the end of protest time. This posting constitutes the notification required by RRS 61.1(b) and 63.2.

17.5       Boats are not permitted to protest alleged breaches of paragraph 19. Penalties for non-part 2 may be less than a DSQ at the discretion of the Protest Committee, and may include a warning. This changes RRS 60.1(a).


18           SCORING

18.1       The Low Point scoring system of RRS Appendix A will apply.

18.2       There are no throw outs.

18.3       One (1) race is required to be completed to constitute a series.



19.1       A boat that retires from a race shall notify the race committee as soon as possible.

19.2       The Narragansett Bay race area is considered a “Restricted channel” for commercial traffic restricted in its ability to maneuver. Sailors must comply with the International COLREGS when in proximity to commercial or privileged marine traffic. The Race Committee or Protest Committee, upon the report of information or observation of such an incident shall protest a yacht. This is in addition to the requirements of RRS 60.2 (a) and the preamble to Part 2.

19.3       Boats shall not put trash in the water.


20           PRIZES

Prizes will be given as described in the NOR.










1: Course diagram, 1 page






NOTE: Refer to SI 9 for additional information, including distance race courses.

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Results: Champion of Champion's Regatta 11 Sep 2010

Postby Rhapsody » November 11th, 2009, 8:35 pm

NBYA 2010 C-o-C Results_Final.xls
Complete results
(125 KiB) Downloaded 570 times

All Results Final

Class 1
1 Mighty Puffin Steve Thurston Barrington YC
2 Mischief David Schwartz Bristol YC
3 Renegade Bill Demos Wickford YC

Class 2
1 Thunder Charles Kineke West Bay YC
2 Dark Star Mark Gervais East Greenwich YC
3 Falcon Charlie Stoddard Barrington YC

Class 3
1 Crazy Wiley Crockett Narragansett Terrace YC
2 Spitfire Chris Hoell West Bay YC
3 Frequent Flyer Bruce Babcock West Bay YC

Class 4
1 Caneel Chip Hawkins Barrington YC
2 Panacea Jamie Foster Barrington YC
3 Little Star Joe Lamora Tiverton YC
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Re: NBYA Champion of Champion's Regatta 11 Sep 2010

Postby NBYAADMIN » August 19th, 2010, 11:46 am

The Champion of Champions Regatta eligibility rules are as follows.
1) Participants in last year’s Champion of Champions Regatta
2) To five in class in the Governor’s Cup
3) Top five in class in the Top Gun Regatta
4) Top Five in class as of 8/15/2010 in any regular weekly PHRF series run by a NBYA member club.
5) Must have a valid 2010 PHRF Certificate

Please note
1) We have added the fleets from East Greenwich YC and Narragansett Terrace YC.
2) If your series is listed and we did not include you it could be for one of two reasons
a. You are not included in the PHRF database posted at http://www.PHRF-NB.org
b. You are sailing in a one design class.
In either case you may be eligible if you obtain and submit a valid PHRF Certificate

As more information is available we will update this list.
Cof C listings.pdf
Eligible as of September 8, 2010
(18.04 KiB) Downloaded 500 times

Yacht Skipper Model Series
Cloud Eight Bamford, Mark & Kerri J/24 ODR 2009 C of C
Coconut D'Albora, Tom Beneteau 36.7 2009 C of C
Dark Star Gervais, Mark C&C 34 2009 C of C
Dirty Harry Lavin, John J/29 MB OB 2009 C of C
Estesea Brandon, Grant C&C 41 2009 C of C
Falcon Stoddard, Charles J/30 ODR 2009 C of C
Fireball Kern, Donald S. C&C 35-2 2009 C of C
Frequent Flyer Babcock, Bruce B. Pearson Flyer 2009 C of C
Mighty Moose Lilly, William Standfast 36 2009 C of C
Mighty Puffin Thurston, Steve J/29 MH OB 2009 C of C
Mischief Schwartz, David CTM-Sequin 40 2009 C of C
Morning Light Meilen, Gerhard Tripp 37 CR 2009 C of C
Nimros Shearer, Douglas Alberg 37 2009 C of C
Odraccas Saccardo, Chuck Frers 36 2009 C of C
Pau Hana Wilson, David Catalina 36 MK II 2009 C of C
Sarah Manning, Greg X-41 ODR 2009 C of C
Schedule 80 Therrien, Michael Evelyn 26 2009 C of C
Stormin Norman Lambert, Norm Oday 34 IK 1-184 2009 C of C
Take Me There Chappelle, Robert Tanzer 22 2009 C of C
Thora Thorsen, Kenneth R. Pearson 28-1 30+ 2009 C of C
Top Cat Lengal, James G. Alerion Express 38 2009 C of C
Voyager Morris, Wayne Cal 33-2 2009 C of C
Warlord Abbott, Vincent Metalmast 36 2009 C of C
Caneel Hawkins, Jr. Nelson L. Pearson 10M Governor's Cup
Helios Archer, James Scampi 30 Mk IV Governor's Cup
Nemesis Rotsky, Mark J. J/30 ODR Governor's Cup
Rhapsody Kneller, Bill J/30 ODR Governor's Cup
Sweet Rocket Ney, Joseph A. Frers 36 Governor's Cup
Whitecap Leighton, Charles Hinckley SW 42 C Governor's Cup
Good News Howell, Jr., John J/30 ODR Top Gun
Streaker Herreshoff, Halsey C. CTM-Herreshoff 33 Top Gun
Vee Jay Farmer, Vic J/30 ODR Top Gun
Corsair Joseph, Ron Catalina 25 Capri Apponaug Harbor Yacht Club
Thriller Saabye, Robert J/22 Apponaug Harbor Yacht Club
Abracadabra Baker, Raymond J/24 Barrington Spring Series
Avalon Wart, Bob Cal 25-1 Barrington Spring Series
Bizzy Ball Heald, Thomas W. Nonsuch 30 Barrington Spring Series
Bombaloo Hopkins, Ian/North, Karen J/24 Barrington Spring Series
Cepheus Asaro, Matthew Quest 33 S Barrington Spring Series
Hawk Mc Coy, Charles J/29 MH OB Barrington Spring Series
Imagine Rok, Walter J. C&C 33 MK II Barrington Spring Series
Mainsheet Plunkett, Bill Pearson 31-2 Barrington Spring Series
Panacea McCrea, Peter Freedom 32 DK Barrington Spring Series
Radio Flyer Rideout, Barry J/24 ODR Barrington Spring Series
Tango Solanot, R. Sergio Dufour 40 Performance + Barrington Spring Series
Wazimo Manchester, Bob Aerodyne 38 Barrington Spring Series
Wicked Mc Millan, Dwight J/30 ODR Barrington Spring Series
Woodwinds Califano, Nicholas & Julia Alerion Barrington Spring Series
"Mmmmm" Rude, Robert J/30 Bristol YC Series
Adelina Spiro, Jim Pearson Ensign Bristol YC Series
Alice Barlow, Bill Catalina 38 Bristol YC Series
Avenir Murray, Joe C&C 41 Mk III Bristol YC Series
Bluto Berges, Bill/Hall, Ben Evelyn 32-2 Bristol YC Series
Bonny Doon Carney, Roger L. C&C 24 Bristol YC Series
Cover Girl Kinder, Philip Pearson Coaster Bristol YC Series
Figi Alano, Mark C&C 30 507+ Bristol YC Series
Firefly Devin, Steve C&C 33-2 Bristol YC Series
Fysterious Dollins, Jim Pearson 26 Bristol YC Series
Hanabi Rotblat-Walker, Howard Olson 25 Bristol YC Series
Kestral Herreshoff Marine Museum Fishers' Island 31 Bristol YC Series
Pau Hana Bardell, Jeff Sea Sprite 23 Bristol YC Series
Phase III Supancic, Carl M. Ericson 30+ Bristol YC Series
Phoenix Cox, Bruce Pearson 36 Bristol YC Series
Ragtime Ferreira, Thomas O'Day 25 Keel Bristol YC Series
Shearwater Bjerreggard, Chris Abbott 33 Bristol YC Series
Solitaire Millard, Robert B. Pearson Triton MH Bristol YC Series
Tamanoa Morash, Gregg Sabre 38 1 102 DK Bristol YC Series
Thriller Pasqual, Thomas A. C&C 35-3 Bristol YC Series
Tigger Too ! Rizzo, Steve Pearson 31 Bristol YC Series
Winsome Lucier, Lawrence E. Pearson 30 Bristol YC Series
Wyvern Schaffer, PJ Dragon Bristol YC Series
Anser Allstrom, Peter Beneteau 35s5 TM Mod East Greenwich Series
Magic Carpet Sharkey, John F. Merit 25 East Greenwich Series
Moon Dog Purcell, Thomas E. C&C 115 ODR East Greenwich Series
Rigadoon Riggs, Doug/Bill J/105 East Greenwich Series
Seeing Red Seward, Abbi J/22 ODR East Greenwich Series
Sundance Vaughan, Hugh Sun 34 East Greenwich Series
Thunder Kineke, Charles Peterson 34 East Greenwich Series
Tonto Darlington, Fred J/105 ODR East Greenwich Series
Vixen Wayt, John Swan 44 (S&S) East Greenwich Series
Billie Gee Grenga, William Pearson Ensign Edgewood Yacht Club
Calamari Martin, Chad Sea Sprite 28 Edgewood Yacht Club
Cetacean Michaelson, Peter Sabre 362 WK Edgewood Yacht Club
Columbia Westcott, Edward Etchells 22 ODR Edgewood Yacht Club
Green Monster Lanphear, Jeffrey A. J/24 ODR Edgewood Yacht Club
Hannah Russell, Bob Sea Sprite 28 Edgewood Yacht Club
Journey Kersner, Fredrick Mason 44 Edgewood Yacht Club
Red Dwarf Thirsk, Mark Hunter 25.5 Edgewood Yacht Club
Aurora Kallfelz, Andrew Tartan 41 Jamestown Spring Series
Blues Eracer Mariorenzi, Louis J/22 ODR Jamestown Spring Series
Cat Came Back Mossop, III, Lincoln Club Swan 42 ODR Jamestown Spring Series
Chairman Arafat Bestoso, Robert L., Jr. Pearson Electra Jamestown Spring Series
Duck Soup Nickson, John C&C 37/40 XL Jamestown Spring Series
Fast Lane Lane, Henry J/24 Jamestown Spring Series
Four Suns Beal, Charles S. Swan 41 Jamestown Spring Series
Hidalgo Moody, Richard CTM - Express 37 Modified Jamestown Spring Series
Lynx Nixon, Dennis J/29 MH IB Jamestown Spring Series
Picante Salk, Doctor Robert J/109 ODR Jamestown Spring Series
Second Wind Parfet, Stephen Seidelmann 299/30T Jamestown Spring Series
Summer Wind Tripp Alyn Scampi 30-2 Jamestown Spring Series
Time Bandit Robert L. Fadden Metalmast 30 Jamestown Spring Series
Breakaway Grimes, Paul J/35 ODR Jamestown Summer Series
Epiphany Roy, Jeff S2 9.1 Jamestown Summer Series
Feather Johnstone, Peter Herreshoff Alerion 25 Jamestown Summer Series
Freightrain Hyde, Richard Frers 36 Jamestown Summer Series
Grace Burnham, John Shields ODR Jamestown Summer Series
Lucy Sertl, Cory/Mark J/22 ODR Jamestown Summer Series
Macx Mac Gowan, Bill CTM-P-28 Jamestown Summer Series
Skeleton Crew Hull, Fauss J/24 Jamestown Summer Series
Crazy Crockett, Wiley M. Evelyn 32-2 Narragansett Terrace Series2
Lono Clemens, Steve San Juan 24 Narragansett Terrace Series1
Margaritaville Ashton, David Pearson 34 Narragansett Terrace Series1
Summer Breeze Carter, Charles Marshall Cat Boat/Sanderling Narragansett Terrace Series2
Allegro Eberhard, Richard A. PC ODR Newport Spring Series
Floating Point Clayton, Brian/Alan CTM-Frers 40 Newport Spring Series
Fun First Hadley, Ricahrd Ranger 26 Newport Spring Series
Godzilla Jencks, Peter Beneteau 42 First Newport Spring Series
Nuvola Matson, John Pearson Electra Newport Spring Series
Swizzle Stick Whitney, Bob Sonar ODR Newport Spring Series
Tenacious Iriye, Robert & Marie J/24 Newport Spring Series
When Goss, David Pearson Ensign ODR Newport Spring Series
Genial Cox, Matthew T. Catalina 25 Newport Summer Series
Helena Currier, James Pearson 26 Newport Summer Series
Insatiable Pasyanos, Nicholas J/24 Newport Summer Series
Passing Fancy Wax, Sid Sabre 28-2 Newport Summer Series
Poia Walters, Glenn Catalina 38 Newport Summer Series
Shadowfax Abramson, Stewart J. Beneteau 40.7 Newport Summer Series
Windigo Treat, Mark Choey Lee Rhodes Newport Summer Series
Anna K Israelit, Martin Catalina 27 IB Rhode Island YC Summer
Girasole Forzati, Kenneth T. Jr. O'Day 28 Rhode Island YC Summer
Haraka Forbes, Craig Beneteau 1st 42 TM Rhode Island YC Summer
La Sirena Chung, Christopher Puma 26 Rhode Island YC Summer
Mariah Curti, Enrico HUNTER 34 Rhode Island YC Summer
Meddler Kiley, Brian/Butlin, Corey J/24 Rhode Island YC Summer
Sugaree Cornwall, James J/29 MH OB Rhode Island YC Summer
Swept Away Mc Ginn, Michael Beneteau Oceanis 351 wk Rhode Island YC Summer
Three Sheets Choiniere, Brian N. Hunter 310 Rhode Island YC Summer
Wind Bag Natalizia, David Hunter 34 Rhode Island YC Summer
Andromeda Pritchard, David E. Graves Constellation Tiverton YC Spring Series
Faith Kasparian, Steve Catalina 36 Tiverton YC Spring Series
Icon Goff, Laurens J/35 Tiverton YC Spring Series
R Buoy Brady, John F. F36 SD SM Tiverton YC Spring Series
Seraphim Saurette, David J/35 Tiverton YC Spring Series
Andiamo Crisafulli, Gene Kirby 30 Tiverton Summer Series 1
Banshee Too Fournier, Richard A. O'Day 30 Tiverton Summer Series 1
Clank Boivin, Joseph C&C 24 Tiverton Summer Series 1
Ellen M Donaghy, Albert Nonsuch 26 Tiverton Summer Series 1
Harmony Remy, Leon O'day 23-1 Tiverton Summer Series 1
Karinosa Adkins, Steve J/30 Tiverton Summer Series 1
Little Star Lamora, Joseph Catalina 30 BS Tiverton Summer Series 1
Scuppers Gould, Frederick Fenix Tiverton Summer Series 1
Selah Harrold, David Ranger 33 Tiverton Summer Series 1
Tigger Horton, Bob Scampi 30 Tiverton Summer Series 1
Cosmo Kirk, William Pearson Flyer West Bay Yacht Club
Expresso Russell, Gary C&C 35-2 West Bay Yacht Club
Lagniappe Assad, Thomas J., Jr. Cal 25-1 West Bay Yacht Club
Liberty Belle Poirier, Cindy J/24 ODR West Bay Yacht Club
Mira Mc Gauvron, Michael Hanse 320 West Bay Yacht Club
Mojo Stocker, R. Thomas Beneteau 1st 325 TM West Bay Yacht Club
Obadiah Perrotta, Raymond Pearson 30 West Bay Yacht Club
Oh Bay Be ! LaForge, Bob Coronado 27 West Bay Yacht Club
Pale Rider Anderson, Brian R. Sea Sprite 23 West Bay Yacht Club
Parley Derrig, Paul Sonar ODR West Bay Yacht Club
Profasea Baer, Carl Sonar 23 ODR West Bay Yacht Club
Qing Long Early, Jack Sabre 40-2 WK West Bay Yacht Club
Serenity Now ! Brinckerhoff, Nelson Hunter 26 West Bay Yacht Club
Snow Goose Magill, James E. Bayfield 29 West Bay Yacht Club
Spitfire Hoell, Christopher B, X-99 West Bay Yacht Club
Strange Times Anthony, John Catalina 310 West Bay Yacht Club
Velocity Aubee, Matthew Cork 1720 ODR West Bay Yacht Club
Big Taz Wood, Steve J/29 MH OB Wickford YC
Crocodile Dawson, Bruce Beneteau 36.7 Wickford YC
Double Entendre Cerbo, Vincent C&C 25 Wickford YC
Esprit Campbell, Bruce D. Ericson 32-3 SD Wickford YC
Kima Weiderman, Nelson J/105 Wickford YC
King Haakon Duva, M.D., Anthony D. Eight M Anker Jensen Wickford YC
Miss Jenn Smith, Gary Pearson Ensign Wickford YC
Oui Borsutzky, Daniel Marcelo C&C 24 Wickford YC
Papa Brown, Robert Nonsuch 30 Wickford YC
Rabbit Dyer III, Daniel P. Blackwatch 37 Wickford YC
Renegade Demos, William C. B-32 IB Wickford YC
Shadow Fox McCrory, Steve Evelyn 26 MH IB Wickford YC
White Heat Stone, Dan J/35 Wickford YC
Wings Shriner, Jim Soverel 30 MH Wickford YC
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Re: NBYA Champion of Champion's Regatta Scratch Sheet

Postby NBYAADMIN » September 9th, 2010, 3:31 pm

Scratch Sheet as of Sept 10, 2010

There are two late scratches
Download copy
(79.29 KiB) Downloaded 492 times

Untitled 1
Sail No Boat Name Skipper Model YC PHRF-NB
Class 1
50832 RENEGADE Bill Demos B 32 Wickford Yacht Club 76
1976 MISCHIEF David Schwartz Lyman Morse 40 Bristol Yacht Club 85
100 STREAKER Adam Langerman Herreshoff 33 New York Yacht Club 107
40561 DIRTY HARRY John Lavin J-29 East Greenwich Yacht Club 111
269 MIGHTY PUFFIN Steve Thurston J 29 Barrington Yacht Club 111
Class 2
22441 THUNDER Charles Kineke Peterson 34 West Bay Yacht Club 120
229 FALCON Charlie Stoddard J 30 Barrington Yacht Club 138
725 COSMO William Kirk Pearson Flyer West Bay Yacht Club 141
21490 DARK STAR Mark Gervais C&C 34 East Greenwich Yacht Club 143
7375 STORMIN NORMAN Norm Lambert O'Day 34 IK 1-184 West Bay Yacht Club 167
11694 HELIOS James Archer Scampi 30 MK IV West Bay Yacht Club 174
Non Spinnaker
Class 3
9399 SPITFIRE Christopher Hoell  X-99 West Bay Yacht Club 123
31803 CRAZY Wiley Crockett  Evelyn 32-2 Narragansett Terrace YC 127
13603 MIGHTY MOOSE William Lilly  Standfast 36 West Bay Yacht Club 151
133 FREQUENT FLYER Bruce Babcock  Pearson Flyer West Bay Yacht Club 155
Class 4
22926 CANEEL Chip Hawkins  Pearson 10M Barrington Yacht Club 174
31807 PANACEA Jamie Foster  Saber 34 Barrington Yacht Club 186
5318 LITTLE STAR Joseph Lamora  Catalina 30 Tiverton Yacht Club 207
997 ADELINA Jim Spiro  Pearson Ensign Bristol Yacht Club 278
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Notification: Request for Redress Hearing

Postby Rhapsody » September 20th, 2010, 6:13 am

This posting is to notify that a hearing has been scheduled to hear the "redress" request of Jim Archer (Helios) vs. the RC. The hearing will be held on
Date & Time: Thursday, September 23rd, at 5:30 PM
Location: West Bay Yacht Club, East Greenwich, RI.

In accordance with the (new, 1/2010) US Sailing prescription to rule 60, any boat that wishes to participate in this hearing as a "party" may submit a written request to the Protest Committee, which will accept those requests until 5:15PM, 9/23/10, 15 min before the scheduled hearing.

Interested parties notified by email and this posting on the NBYA website and notice board at WBYC constitutes notice of the hearing in accordance with rule 63.2 and the US Sailing prescription to that rule. The nature of the redress hearing is that Helios believes the RC erred in the procedure for starting races at the recent Champion of Champions NBYA Regatta.
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Results: Request for Redress Hearing

Postby nbya » September 24th, 2010, 5:28 pm

The redress hearing was held and concluded that the results as posted stand unchanged.
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