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Sail Newport FAQ



We are looking forward to hosting this event at Sail Newport.  Please know we are ready to run a fun and fair event. There are a few things to remember while at Sail Newport:

Primarily, we  are here as guests of the State of Rhode Island and our beautiful Sailing Center is on state property. Please help us keep our landlord happy and the park working efficiently and sustainably. For this we ask:


1)     Never, never, never, never stop in the road anywhere to let children out of the car.  All vehicles must go to the parking lot designated and park in a space for young sailors to get out of the car safely.

2)     This is a carry-in, carry-out park. Although there will be some trash and recycle barrels in the field and at the tent, we ask that you respect our state park by removing all trash and recycling – especially troublesome is small pieces of tape , line and trash left in the field.

3)     Please don’t bring single-use plastic bottles. We have a Zip-to filtered water barrel near the field and water bottles can be filled as much as needed.  Thank you for keeping our park and ocean clean.

If you have any questions, here are contacts:


Regatta Manager: Vincent.pattavina@sailnewport.org

Program Director: kim.hapgood@sailnewport.org

Office/Volunteer Coordinator: Hannah.lasorsa@sailnewport.org


Sail Newport

60 Fort Adams Drive

Newport, RI  02840

Tel. 401.846.1983



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